Since founding AutoSelect Japan Inc., the tuning garage, till now, our main and only aim is "sharing genuine racing spirit with our customer" and "providing joy of driving on the track with their own roadgoing and road legal cars". And we keep endeavoring providing top quality services to customers.

At the same time, we work hard to keep up with recent "high-tech" performance cars and providing best services and products available.

We love We look forward to seeing your happy face through our tuning philosophy and performance of the AutoSelect-tuned roadgoing vehicles.

- To share genuine racing spirit with you.

1st February 2012

SAWA, Eiichiro

Managing Director


AutoSelect Tuning Philosophy

Tuning Philosophy

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On site engineering services

Onsite Service

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R35 GT-R Maintenance Program

R35 GT-R Maintenance

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AutoSelect Japan Official Facebook Page

AutoSelect Japan Official Facebook Page

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